How to Use your cycle to Tune in, Release & Replenish Your Energy!

I’ve been exploring and feeling deeply into this concept of self care again lately. I’ve needed to as I know that the type of self care I need now is totally different to what I needed years ago. Four years ago I wrote an entire book on Self Care when Indy was a baby and I was catapulted from two children to 5 in a matter of months!!! I’m hoping to release it late next year! 


Back then I felt I was living life on the EDGE! You know when your worry your patience is always being tested… all it takes is one of the kids to trigger you and then you find yourself EXPLODING over the tiniest thing! Feeling like you need a new word for exhausted because you’re way beyond it. Dreaming of getting in the car and driving as far away as possible to just pee in peace!!!! I got to a really low point physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was a really difficult time in my life! 

Jess Sermak

​Private Coaching

A Private 1:1 Coaching Series with me is for the woman who is ready to honour her true self and break free from patterns of self-doubt, people pleasing, comparison, perfectionism, guilt and shame. She is ready to stop suppressing, numbing and censoring herself and get clear on what is blocking and dimming her light, pleasure place and joy!


By the end of our time together, you will have learnt how to overcome fears, cleared what has been holding you back or making you feel stuck, feel reconnected back to your intuition, and have a spiritual tool kit filled with empowering practices and rituals to help you feel authentic, aligned and in flow to step into your highest calling and attract your soulful desires! 

Jess Sermak

"I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants to fulfil their big goals and life’s work. Jess is the most successful and inspirational embodiment of being both otherworldly and grounded at the same time. If you are ready to do the spiritual work and align with your soul, Jess will be the one to take you there.​"

Marie-Ann Taylor 

Melbourne, Australia 

Are you ready to to Honour Your True Self and Break FREE? 

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