• Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions

    During our time together you will have unlimited access to me via email. Often breakthroughs come between sessions and so that email support is there for you if you need it. 


    You can ask me questions, request guidance or just let me know how you're progressing on your transformational journey! 

  • A Beautiful Gift from Me to YOU! 

  • A Gorgeous Downloadable Workbook

    This gorgeous workbook is jam-packed with value - I love it! It includes valuable resources, worksheets, journaling prompts and some empowering practices and rituals to help you feel authentic, aligned and in flow to step into your highest calling and attract your soulful desires! 


    Even when our time together comes to an end, you will always have this valuable workbook to come back to. It's there to encourage you to keep doing the inner work to ensure you keep moving forward! 

  • 1 x 60 Minute Life Guidance or Past Life Reading

    Sometimes, when we feel really stuck and blocked, it's hard to know or feel clear on the big visions we have for our life. It can feel heavy and confusing. 


    That's why I have included a FREE Life Guidance reading OR a Past Life Reading with me valued at $147 included in your Coaching Series with me. 


    A Life Guidance Reading will help you get some clarity on the big visions your spirit team have for you and where you are being called to step into. 



    If you decide to choose a Past Life Reading, we go deep into some of your most valuable and powerful past lives. You might be surprised to discover that you were persecuted, burned, drowned, tortured and silenced in a past life because of your power and that is where your fear emanates from. More often than not, if you are fearful of stepping into spiritual work in this lifetime, it's for a very big reason and knowing what that reason is can be so powerful! 

Welcome to the Unraveling!

Session One: Inner Work

Session Three: Let Your Intuition Guide You

Session Five: Magical Alignment

Session Six: Expansion

"I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants to fulfil their big goals and life’s work. Jess is the most successful and inspirational embodiment of being both otherworldly and grounded at the same time. If you are ready to do the spiritual work and align with your soul, Jess will be the one to take you there.​"

Marie-Ann Taylor 

Melbourne, Australia 


Not quite sure if Life Coaching is for you? 


If you book in your FREE 1:1 Discovery Session with me today you will receive these incredible bonuses!

 BONUS #1 

Journaling is one of those things I have done my whole life. It always made me feel lighter afterwards and I found so much joy in writing. It's had such an incredible impact on my mental health too! So what are the benefits of journaling:

  • Relieves stress 
  • Inspires Creativity 
  • Boosts your memory 
  • Helps you set and achieve your goals 
  • Improve your writing 
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Self-Reflection

So now that you know the benefits of journaling, how do you start your journaling practice? Get your FREE Journaling Guide to find out! Xx


VALUE: $9.95

 BONUS #2 

Just like you clean your house, it’s also really important to cleanse your aura, your house and your possessions regularly as well. We are all energetic beings and everyone you come into contact with there is, on some level, an exchange of energy. We meet new people every day. We get hurt by mean things people say to us, people hurt our feelings and sometimes we are reminded of a past memory that we just can’t seem to let go of. 


I find that regular cleansing also makes a huge difference to my relationships with my kids, my husband and my family. Holding onto low vibrational energy isn't doing you or them any good! 


VALUE: $9.95

 BONUS #3 

Being more grateful for the things I have in my life has had such a profound impact on my mental health. As someone who has struggled with mental health most of my life, I know I have to invest time and energy in things that make me feel better emotionally and physically and being grateful is one of those things!


That's why I created the gratitude challenge with these gorgeous gratitude cards so that you too can see if bringing in more gratitude and appreciation into your life helps your mental health too!


VALUE $4.95 


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