If your feeling energetically drained and heavy right now, lacking direction and motivation, then a Reiki and a Reading Session can help heal, uplift and give you the guidance you need! 


We begin with a divine sage ritual to  cleanse the mind, body and soul of anything that is weighing you down and a little decadence with some organic cacao to open up your heart chakra. We then move into your peaceful Reiki session where  you then get to relax (and fall asleep if you like), whilst I go to work to heal, improve the energy around the body, realign your chakras and create more space for higher vibrational energy to come in! 


Often, I will receive lots of messages from your spirit team during your Reiki Session, which I share with you after. You will also receive valuable information about how each chakra was operating and what you can do to keep them balanced and in flow. 


We then get to enjoy some herbal tea whilst we move into your psychic reading, which will provide you with clarity and guidance in and around your life. I may receive messages from loved ones who have past, or messages directly from your spirit team about your highest path. You are also most welcome to ask questions as well! 


We also explore why you might be feeling blocked or stuck right now and discuss what you can do today to help edge you closer to your dreams tomorrow. I love this because I get to bring in some of my years of life coaching experience here too! 


We seal in all of this goodness with a sacred women's empowerment ritual which involves a gentle sound healing with my gorgeous crystal bowls! Helping you walk away feeling aligned, relaxed, balanced and recharged to live a much happier life! 

In a 60 minute psychic reading, I look at the key areas of your present life, take a look at significant past events and uncover where things look to be going in the future. A psychic reading is about helping you receive future guidance and clarity in and around your life. 


We explore why you might be feeling blocked or stuck right now and discuss what you can do today to help edge you closer to your dreams tomorrow. 


If your feeling stuck, confused or lacking any clear direction right now, a psychic reading can help you feel connected, aligned, and more confident about where your life is heading!

60 Minute

 Past Life Reading

 In Person or Online 

Investment:  AUD $147  normally $197

Could unlocking a past life help you in your current life?  


Understanding our past lives often helps us to unlock trauma, explain where our anxiety emanates from and even helps us see where our fears originate from. I love past life readings because so many of my clients have huge breakthroughs and ahhhhaaa moments. When you understand that your fear or trauma is actually the result of something that happened to you or was done to you in a past life, it's so liberating! 


With greater understanding comes greater power. So if your afraid or terrified of stepping into your spiritual gifts in this lifetime, I can almost guarantee that you were persecuted, burned, drowned or tortured for your powerful gifts in a previous lifetime. 


In a 60 minute past life reading, I usually unlock 2-3 past lives that are blocking or making you feel stuck in this lifetime. I then help you to restore emotional, physical and spiritual balance back to your life. For example, helping you to release a loved one from a past life that won't let go so that a lover in this lifetime can come in.


If you feel like your having a run of bad luck, you feel blocked or stuck or just really confused around what to do next in your life, then a past life reading can certainly help you restore balance, reclaim your power and help you move forward on your soul's healing journey! 


Client Love 

Jess helped me tremendously! I felt like I had a lot of questions about my path, my business and really just in need of direction and a big dose of encouragement.


When I was with Jess in our session, she did all that and so much more. She really helped uncover gifts, talents and created a very strong path and direction. She gave me readings that were incredibly helpful. And by the time the session was finished, I felt so full of joy and confidence!! She really helped me in the ways I needed most. I’m forever grateful for her and her special talents and gifts!!!!!!

Alex Bailey

Melbourne, Australia

I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants to fulfil their big goals and life’s work.


Jess is the most successful and inspirational embodiment of being both otherworldly and grounded at the same time. If you are ready to do the spiritual work and align with your soul, Jess will be the one to take you there.

Marie-Ann Taylor

Melbourne, Australia

Jess Sermak is a rare find when it comes to a Spiritual Medium and I don’t say that lightly, because I come from a place of working with my husband who has been a trance medium and open to Spirit all his life. He was trained by Spirit so I know what I have experienced with Jess to be the real deal! Jess comes from a place of love, compassion, truth, honesty and an authenticity and the genuine desire to be of service.


The messages that Jess brought through for me were absolutely on the mark and things I had set aside a while ago were being presented that I need to begin looking into, and so much more.  A long term goal that I have had is now coming forward for me to bring about because the timing is almost right. For the moment I just need to rest and regather my energies ready for something special and beautiful to happen. Jess relayed faithfully and clearly the messages Spirit had for me that left me feeling uplifted, excited and absolutely joyful about my future.

Marnee Kent

Sunshine Coast, Australia

I feel like I have achieved a years worth of progress in just 3 months with Jess. My friends have noticed a huge shift in me and have commented on how excited and happy I am now. Jess kept me focused and on track and made achieving my momentous goals achievable, focused and passionate. I am so excited to step into my new purpose!

Cara Waldron

Gold Coast, Australia

I had the most amazing reading from

Jess recently. Her readings and given with such pure love and respect and her accuracy is mind blowing.


I left feeling calm and with a deep sense of positivity and understanding. I can’t recommend Jess enough. Such a beautiful heart xx thank you Jess. Blessings

Nicci Russell

Gold Coast, Australia

There are so many words to describe this talented, motivated, beautiful, genuine, courageous, spirited Life organiser. If you’re wanting to achieve and manifest your wildest dreams, Jess is the woman to help you do it! Don’t be afraid, expand your current situation with Jess’s Guidance.

Bec Ihlein

Gold Coast, Australia

Got a Question Email: info@jesssermak.com

Becoming a Butterfly

by Jess Sermak 

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