Download Your FREE Gratitude Cards

Gratitude has changed my life! When you are grateful, the Universe listens and responds by giving you greater abundance! It's something I try to do at least once a day! You will find that you can't be depressed or sad when your in gratitude too, which I love! 

My favorite way to show gratitude is with a gratitude jar. So I print these out and everytime I'm grateful for something, I write it on one of these cards and pop it into my gratitude jar. I keep these little cards on hand in my office and my meditation space so that I remember to write down what I'm grateful for every day. There's something so much more powerful when we write down what we are grateful for rather than just think it in our head. 


Another great reason why I write what I'm grateful for on these cards is that when I'm having a bad day or things just aren't going according to plan and I'm feeling pretty crappy, I go to my gratitude jar and pull out a couple of these cards to read.  They quickly remind me of things and moments that I've been grateful for! It helps me to try and refocus on what I do have instead of focusing on what I don't have!


I hope you love these templates and the idea of a gratitude jar as much as I do! Show me your gratitude jars by tagging me on instagram. I would love to see how creative you are!

Are You Ready to Live Authentically?

Too many women are silently struggling right now. They don't have the support they need nor have they been shown how to live a truly authentic life!


The essence of my work is about  holding space and bringing awareness to what's going on for you in a non-judgemental and nurturing way. When we aren't authentic and we find ourselves living to please others, we dim our light and we block our ability to manifest both our dreams and our desires! 


When you are in your authentic power and align to your highest power, MAGIC happens - you are able to answer your soul's deepest calling!


If you're ready to start living an authentic life and begin answering your souls deepest calling I'd be so honored to help you do that beautiful soul!

Have You Read Jess's Latest Book? 

‘Becoming a Butterfly’ is a captivating story of love, loss, tragedy and heart break. Jess takes you on her incredible spiritual journey which will have you laughing one minute and in tears the next as her enthralling story moves from this incredible volunteering adventure in Africa where she finds love with a Masai warrior to watching her life tailspin into what she describes as the storm. A storm that leaves her questioning whether she has the strength, courage and the intuition to break the cycle of suicide.


Becoming a Butterfly is a must read for every woman who has ever asked themselves ‘What is my purpose?” “What am I here to do?” This inspirational and very moving story will empower you to embrace your uniqueness, believe in your worthiness and get you moving towards creating a life you love not the life you ‘should’ be living!

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