A little bit about ME!

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a Certified Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Intuitive and Women's Circle Facilitator. A Mum to 5 wild ones, wife to Alex with a passion for helping women to honour their authenticity!


In early 2009, my mum tragically took her own life. It left me heartbroken, confused and scared. We were so close and I didn't know how I was going to live on without her guidance, knowledge and wisdom.  


With so many questions, I knew the only place I would find answers was within, and so reluctantly, at first, I began to unravel, learning how to embrace my intuition!


For the past 5 years, I have been working with the most incredible women through my coaching, readings, books, and Women's circles. I have seen women shy away from their spiritual gifts out of fear, feel stuck in patterns of self-doubt, people pleasing, comparison, perfectionism, guilt and shame and live inauthentically because they think they will be hated!


Working with these women has taught me that there is no greater gift that you can give to yourself than to live authentically! To align with your highest calling and deeply love, accept and be gentle with yourself! 


That's why I'm so passionate about empowering you to remember that you are here for a reason! My life's work is about supporting you to feel authentic, aligned and in rhythmic flow so that you are equipped to step into your highest calling and attract your soulful desires! 

Jess Sermak

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