Forever Changed by Suicide

If you have ever been touched by suicide you need to read this book.

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Forever  Changed by Suicide

Compiled by Trish Springsteen.  Chapter contributed by Jess Sermak

Trish and Peter Springsteen lost their son Craig to suicide in 2007. Of all the memories, the feelings, the confusion, and the grief that followed, there are two issues that have always been front and centre for Trish. One: Don't forget Craig - he was here for such a short time, only 23 years, so please remember him. And two: Trish realised that people found it hard to speak about suicide. Friends did not know what to say and those who have been left behind were unsure how to speak about their grief in a community that is still struggling with the stigma of suicide.


This book gives a space for 23 people who have been Forever Changed by Suicide to share their memories, their stories, their thoughts and information on suicide. If only one chapter resonates with you then our purpose and the reason for this book is achieved.

Read, digest, share and discuss.


Most importantly, remember.


"If you have ever been touched by suicide you need to read this book. Every perspective is included, every dynamic included. I hope that the healing that comes from sharing your story was felt by each of the authors." Larissa Russell Wellness Coach, specializing in Healing with Creativity

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Are You Ready to Live Authentically?

Too many women are silently struggling right now. They don't have the support they need nor have they been shown how to live a truly authentic life!


The essence of my work is about  holding space and bringing awareness to what's going on for you in a non-judgemental and nurturing way. When we aren't authentic and we find ourselves living to please others, we dim our light and we block our ability to manifest both our dreams and our desires! 


When you are in your authentic power and align to your highest power, MAGIC happens - you are able to answer your soul's deepest calling!


If you're ready to start living an authentic life and begin answering your souls deepest calling I'd be so honored to help you do that beautiful soul!

A little bit about ME!

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a Certified Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Intuitive and Women's Circle Facilitator. A Mum to 5 wild ones, wife to Alex with a passion for helping women to honour their authenticity!


In early 2009, my mum tragically took her own life. It left me heartbroken, confused and scared. We were so close and I didn't know how I was going to live on without her guidance, knowledge and wisdom. I share my story in my book Becoming a Butterfly. 


If there's one thing her death taught me, it was that life is too short. I couldn't waste any more time being someone that I wasn't and I needed to let go of all my self-doubt, people pleasing, comparison, perfectionism, guilt and shame that were weighing me down! 


I started to unravel and I discovered the importance of my intuition! I learnt how important tuning into my intuition was to know who I really was. She could tell me what I needed and wanted and she shared with me what I was ultimately put on this earth to do! I read countless books, worked with incredible coaches, went to lots of healers and learnt so much! 


For the past 5 years, I have been working with the most incredible women through my coaching, readings, books, and Women's circles. I have seen women shy away from their spiritual gifts out of fear, feel stuck in patterns of self-doubt, people pleasing, comparison, perfectionism, guilt and shame and live inauthentically because they think they will be hated!


Doing the work myself and also working with these women has taught me that there is no greater gift that you can give to yourself than to live authentically! To align with your highest calling and deeply love, accept and be gentle with yourself! 


That's why I'm so passionate about empowering you to remember that you are here for a reason! My life's work is about supporting you to feel authentic, strengthening your intuition, feeling aligned and in rhythmic flow so that you are equipped to step into your highest calling and attract your soulful desires! 

Jess Sermak

Your Intuition Talks.. But are You Listening?  

✨✨✨Are you living Authentically? ✨✨✨

👉 Have you ever felt suppressed, ignored, punished, controlled, judged and censored as a woman for some or most of your life? 

👉 Have you ever felt like you have to conform in order to be socially accepted? 

👉 Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in patterns of self-doubt, people pleasing, comparison, perfectionism, guilt and shame. Wasting countless hours, months and years trying to be someone that you're not. Forever chasing feelings of acceptance, love, connection and worthiness from others.


Living authentically means living your life true to your own personality, spirit, or character. So let me ask you, are you living your life according to your own personality, spirit and character? 

Living inauthentically, on the other hand, is like filling a leaky bucket. You can't ever fill it because it's not complete. And that's the reason why many of us are feeling unhappy, sad, confused and depressed with the state of our lives right now. We try to numb, ignore and suppress the pain with wine, shopping or social media but that just pushes our pain down deeper. 

Living authentically starts with honouring your true self and re-connecting with your intuition. Your intuition knows what she wants! Your intuition talks to you all the time but most of us aren't listening or don't really know how to tune into her? 

And that's where I can help, if your ready to break free and to feel reconnected back to your authentic self and intuition, I'd love to nurture and support you through my Private Coaching Sessions together!


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