How to Cleanse & Protect Your Home

Steps to Cleanse & Protect Your Home 

1. Ground & Acknowledge

Before you begin, it’s important to ground yourself to mother nature. You must first be grounded in your body. You can do this by standing firm with both feet on the ground, preferably with no shoes or socks on. Imagine golden roots coming out from the bottom of your feet and going into mother earth. Be sure to ask her permission to place your golden roots into her sacred ground. Then imagine those golden roots moving all the way down to the very centre of the earth. Imagine those roots wrapping around a large crystal ball of selenite or rose quartz. Stay there for a few seconds and feel grounded, connected and loved. Then bring those roots back up to your feet. Then it's time to begin your cleansing ritual. 


Similar to cleansing you or your loved ones, make sure you have a fire-proof container handy, light the smudge stick, put it out and allow the stick to smoulder.


The first thing to do is to acknowledge which direction North, South, East and West are and up and down. You can do this by moving your arms with the smudge stick in your hands in those directions and saying out loud the direction. Next, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge the first people of the land and introduce yourself to the land and its first people. If you don’t know who the first people were on the land, a quick Google search should help. After all, the space your home is on isn’t just about the bricks and mortar that have been built there. 


Continue to use the figure eight motion and move from room to room using the feather to make the smoke go out through the windows.

2. Mantras

You might like to chant, say a sacred prayer or a mantra. There are many different mantras you could use depending on what the desired outcome of the cleanse is.


You might like to say nothing at all or whatever comes to your mind. However, adding a verbal component to cleansing your home, car or possessions can amplify your intentions and make it very clear why you are doing this ritual. As you repeat these mantras, make sure you use your feathers or hand to push the smoke out the windows or doors. This allows the negative and bad energy to leave easily.


I have included several different mantras in my cleanse and protect spiritual gift box including mantras to cleanse your house of negative energy, mantras to sell your home. cleanse a new home your moving into and mantras to increase your financial abundance.


3. Cleanse & Protect 

It’s important to get into the corners of the rooms, wardrobes, the garage and the roof if you can. As negative energies often store themselves there. Be sure to pay special attention to your sacred space that you created too! When you're finished extinguish the sage stick with water or sand so that you can use it again next month. 


You can repeat this process for any of your possessions; cars, boats or caravans. Just follow the same steps as above. It's also important to cleanse you and your loved ones too.


The cleanse and protect spiritual box includes everything you need to cleanse and protect yourself, your family, your home and your possessions, including step-by-step instructions and different mantras you can use. It's best to cleanse your space at least once a month to get rid of the old energy and make way for new high-vibe energy! You can buy your box by clicking on the link below.


This box will allow you to do at least 6 monthly cleanes on your home and your physical being! Often you can feel when it's time to cleanse and protect your home. You might be feeling tired for no apparent reason, the kids might be extra ratty or you might just be feeling icky and frustrated. They are all good indicators it's time to energetically cleanse and re-energise your space! When you start to do this regularly, you will be amazed at what starts changing in your life.

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